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A-TRAC DYNAMIC BRACE – Below are remarkable videos that document how well our Brace Works. CONSERVATIVE treatment instead of surgery, which will give you better results without complications at a much lower cost. 

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Dog ACL Brace

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Our dogs are like our family: we spend a large amount of time with them; they’re there for us when we’re upset, and they give us unconditional love. Unfortunately, when one of their legs is hurt or injured, they can’t tell you that they’re in pain. At WoundWear Inc., we’ve designed a state-of-the-art, comfortable, and easy to use dog ACL brace specifically for cruciate ligament-related injuries. Created to be an alternative to surgery, our A-TraC Dynamic dog knee Brace is made from Neoprene and Lycra. This dog ACL brace’s construction from durable but lightweight material, which still allows for the support that’s needed to stabilize the knee from further injury. When your four-legged friend is operating on three, it’s important to give them support that they need while still allowing them to be comfortable, which is exactly what the our K9 leg brace does. Considering whether or not your dog needs surgery to repair

their torn ligament can be difficult to decide. Things like age, expense, prior health issues, the risk of complications, and a long and restricted recovery time can all come into play when making this decision. However if you do move forward with cruciate ligament repair surgery, our K9 leg brace can be used to prevent further injury from happening after the procedure as well. With its softer, more mobile design, our dog leg brace is a great way to help your pup rehabilitate their leg while still being a dog. If you’re looking for more information regarding our best dog ACL brace or information related to measuring, prices, or ordering, feel free to give us a call today at (800) 443-4055 if you’re within the US or Canada, and at (847) 634-1700 if you live outside of those two regions. Let us help your four-legged friend get back to normal today with our selection of knee brace for dogs, ACL brace for dogs and the #1 dog cruciate brace.

Before Using Wound Wear ACL Brace for Dogs

After Using Wound Wear ACL Brace for Dogs

Our Dog Cruciate Brace Is 90% Effective with A 75% to 80% Cure Rate

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