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Before looking at some arguments for God’s existence I want to first look at some deep issues about the nature of our universe to give a brief indication of where scientific ideas seem to be heading. This section is somewhat speculative and is an attempt to try and convey some ideas concerning some current thinking about our universe; thinking which is still changing.


A reader may wish to move to the arguments relating to God’s existence beginning in the next section. Without getting tangled up with string, it is possible to conceive of a God in a higher dimensional space. This might help us to begin to understand how God is able to do some of the things that God might do, for example seeing all that is happening at a particular instant, seeing the end from the beginning, and being very close to us but distant in another sense (theological terms used are immanent and transcendent.)


It would seem to me that the past and the future possibly co-exist, otherwise we have the strange situation where, for every second, we move from a state of non-existence to another state of non-existence through a point in time that is continually changing!