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There are a number of philosophical arguments that endeavor to prove the existence of God, and I consider some of these below as they are part of a rich history of ideas. It is with some trepidation that I do this as I am not a philosopher but I wish to give something of the flavor of the arguments so as to give the reader a brief idea as to their nature.


It is not my intention to get too involved in philosophical discussion and logic, important though it may be, as my focus is ultimately on evidence. Before launching into that discussion I shall first look at the evidence supporting the idea that the universe has a beginning.


High entropy corresponds to a high probability that the arrangement exists, so that as a random arrangement is highly probable it would be characterized by a high entropy, while something that is highly structured and not random will have low entropy as it would be less likely to occur. For example, a watch has low entropy as it is highly structured and unlikely to occur by chance, but if I smash the watch it becomes less structured and more “random” and the entropy goes up.