A nice holiday with a dog is an understandable and with some preparations easy to fulfill wish. Because many dog lovers do not want to separate themselves from their dog, especially on holiday. In addition, many dogs love to explore new environments and are happy to be with their family on holiday.

Many hotels and providers of holiday apartments have already adapted to holidaymakers with dogs. Dogs are often allowed to be brought, but should of course always be clarified in advance in individual cases. However, in destinations with extreme climatic conditions or a hard journey, it is better to leave the four-legged friend in good care at home. With our tips for travelling with dog, you can prepare well for the well-deserved holiday.


Before booking the trip with your dog, you should have written confirmation that dogs are allowed in the chosen holiday home (hotel, guesthouse, apartment, campsite, etc.).

When travelling abroad, we inform ourselves about the veterinary entry conditions of the countries that are visited in order to bring the international vaccination card of the four-legged friend up to the required level and to obtain necessary certificates.


When packing, the dog deserves an extra bag, in which the spare collar with home and holiday address, leash, comb, brush and other care utensils, food & water bowl and a food supply (preferably ready-made food) have their place. We also recommend a travel pharmacy put together by the veterinarian, in which in any case a remedy must be a remedy for diarrhea. Finally, a small canister with water completes the equipment for the trip with dog.

  • Luggage checklist for holidays with dog:
  • Pet passport with information on recent vaccinations
  • Telephone number of liability insurance
  • Address of a veterinarian on site
  • Kennel
  • Muzzle if necessary
  • Leash
  • Dog pillows or baskets
  • Ceiling
  • Toys
  • Dog excrement bags
  • Towel
  • Comb and brush
  • Food and treats


Many holidays with dogs are made by car. In general, all dogs like to drive cars. It can happen, of course, that they too have concerns with the circuit and therefore cannot tolerate the journey in a narrow car or are not car-proof. Puppies and young dogs in particular are affected when they are transported in the car for the first time. With regular driving, however, they quickly get used to rocking, braking and starting up. You can also check out ‘شركة نقل اثاث بجدة’ if you need help in moving your furniture.

The driver has a large part in the behavior of the animal during the journey of the car. Emphasizes quiet driving without wild overtaking maneuvers and fast cornering technology have a calming effect on the cycle of the four-legged passenger. The dog can also be helped with tablets, but it is better to make the animal autofit for the journey through preventive measures, especially education and habituation.

  • Even an otherwise car-proof four-legged friend is not immune from all the challenges, he has just squeezed a huge portion of food. Therefore, let the dog only enter with an empty stomach.
  • The place of the dog is always in the back, never in front next to the driver, certainly not on his lap! Even the smallest dog can very easily become the cause of the accident.
  • The routes are gradually being enlarged. As a practical test, we then take a longer trip by car. In this way, we offer the four-legged friend the opportunity to familiarize himself with all eventualities of motoring. This way you get a pleasant passenger over time.