Every object such as a table, chair, dog, and human, and especially ideas like beauty and justice, have an abstract form representing the essence of a family of objects or ideas. We can think of an abstract family of chairs or an abstract family of beautiful objects. This is true even if we tend to think of such objects in our imagination using some sort of physical representation.


The question then is where do abstract ideas come from as they cannot come from matter unless the abilities of self-organization and self-awareness are latent in molecules. Where did the order and uniformity come from. Evidence for the Big Bang is given by the presence of remnants of the expanded original matter detected by microwave detectors as a uniform glow across the sky.


Because the universe was once very dense, it should have been very hot, as matter heats up when compressed and cools down when expanded. The intensity of the radiation diminishes as the universe expands so that the tail-end of the radiation of the hot matter would leave a faint glow. We note that the microwave background has the same temperature in every direction we look when averaged out over the very small variations.