General relativity talks about a space time continuum involving four interrelated dimensions three spatial dimensions and a time dimension. It seems that having three spatial dimensions is critical for our existence. Barrow and Tipler argue that the stability of atoms and the inverse square law that gives stability to the solar system over a long time period depend on there being three dimensions.


Roughly speaking, relativity theory tells us that time can only exist when there is space, and gravity from a large stellar body bends the space time geometry, slowing time and bending light. This is an argument against naturalism as, if appearances are right, there must be more than just natural processes at work in my brain; there must be some sort of “reason” that is outside of natural processes.


If we say that our minds are the accidental result of a purely material universe and have somehow emerged from material, then we need to be able to distinguish between reason and order on the one hand, and chance and disorder on the other to actually make the comparison. Some abstract ideas like infinity are certainly created by the human intellect, and we ask why we can do that, but other abstract ideas like a triangle and justice simply exist.