Einstein defined a set of field equations that explained the way that gravity behaved in response to matter in space-time and were used to represent the geometry of space-time and establish the theory of general relativity. Our understanding of the universe is becoming more and more esoteric and our physics more and more counterintuitive.


Given what has happened in the past, our ideas about the nature of the universe will no doubt continue to change. The problem is that we don’t know what matter is, and Ward asks, “Is it quarks, or superstrings, or dark energy, or the result of quantum fluctuations in a vacuum. Since abstract ideas are external to our material existence, it can be argued that God provides the best explanation for the existence of abstract entities.


For example, if we perhaps think of abstract ideas in terms of God’s “thoughts”, then he is in causal relation with them, and also with us. When we look at theories about the origin of our universe we are in very deep and somewhat unchartered waters so that some of the current models about the universe’s origin must be tentative, as theories are always open to change and refinement.