Help Your Dog’s Knee Heal with the Dog Stifle Brace

Dogs love to run, play, and go on walks, but getting around is difficult with a torn stifle ligament. Help your dog’s knee heal with a dog stifle brace, or A-TraC Brace, from WoundWear, Inc. This innovative leg brace was designed by a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who wishes to give our canine friends the same level of medical care that humans receive. Before long, your dog will be living large on all four legs again.

How to Tell Your Dog Has a Stifle Injury

Your dog’s stifle joint is the joint between their thigh bone and their two lower leg bones. It provides a similar function to human knees and their ligaments. These injuries can present suddenly due to a traumatic injury or over time from a chronic degenerative condition. Wearing a dog stifle brace helps both types of injuries heal more quickly.

Has your dog stopped putting weight on one of its legs? Do they hold the leg partially bent while standing? Have you noticed fluid build-up around the joint? These are all signs of a sudden rupture. When your dog shows a slower and more subtle progression to lameness, it may be due to a degenerative condition. See your vet as soon as possible to get a diagnosis and learn if a leg brace is needed for your dog.

No Need for Surgery

Surgery is often risky and expensive, making it a less desirable treatment option than non-invasive methods. Fortunately, our dog stifle brace can sometimes work as an alternative to surgery.

For a partial or even some full ACL tears the A-TraC Brace gives your dog the support they need to walk around in comfort and avoid further damage to their leg. It is softer and offers more mobility than other brace designs, making it the best option for an active dog. If you do decide to have your dog undergo surgery, our dog stifle brace makes recovery much easier. Talk to our team to find out more about the benefits of our brace and which size to order for your dog.

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