Breeds that are at Risk for a Dog Stifle Injury

When it comes to your dog, you can’t always tell that they’re in pain, sick, or just not feeling right. Sometimes things go unnoticed for a while because they’re unable to communicate if something is wrong. One of the most common injuries a dog can sustain is an ACL injury, which affects the joint between their thigh bone and lower leg bone. While this is highly common in dogs, some breeds are more susceptible to this type of issue. Here are some breeds of dog that are more at risk for a dog stifle injury, and what you can do to detect it before it gets worse. While a stifle injury can happen in dogs that are tiny or dogs that are large in size, they most commonly affect the medium-sized dog range.

Labrador Retrievers – If you’re the owner of a Labrador retriever, you know that this breed is very energetic and needs a lot of space to run around. They’re great family dogs with a loyal, kind demeanor; however they are more prone to a dog stifle injury because of their activity levels. It’s important to recognize lameness in your lab’s back legs and a decrease in activity, since this is a prime symptom of a stifle injury.

Pit Bull Mix – While this is not an official breed of dog, it is a common one when it comes to seeing a dog stifle injury. Regardless of what your mix is bred with, the fact that they are part Pit Bull puts them at risk for a dog stifle injury. Pit Bulls were raised to be a companion dog and work on the family farm, with the strength to be an athletic, competitive dog as well. This breed is active and energetic, which puts them at risk for a stifle injury. Depending on what type of breed your Pit Bull mix has in their DNA, this could put them even more at risk for injuring their CCL. If your Pit Bull mix is limping in their back legs, it may be a sign that they’re suffering from a CCL tear or rupture.

Mastiffs – One of the oldest breeds of dog, the Mastiff was bred to be a guard dog and follow their families while they traveled. They’re known for being independent, smart, and strong dogs, and are always ready to protect their loved ones. Mastiffs’ have bodies that are built to protect and withstand long journeys, which allows to them run, jump, and play for long periods of time as well. Since they’re known for being an active breed, this sturdy breed is also prone to developing pretty severe CCL injuries. If you notice a sudden lameness and decreased energy levels in your Mastiff, they may be suffering from a dog stifle injury.

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Disclaimer: the above list is not all-inclusive but is a list of just a few of the most common breeds. They work with all different types of dogs.