Pet Ownership Aspects German Advertising Agencies Consider in Their Marketing Strategies

Animal-care businesses in Radolfzell am Bodensee sought the services of a Radolfzell website designer (Webdesign Radolfzel) when they shifted operations into e-commerce platforms. Animals, particularly dogs, are important in German culture that’s why it’s common for advertisers and brand owners to maintain a website that will appeal to animal lovers. That way, site visitors will know for sure that the people behind the  website genuinely cares about animals and their significance to humans.

animal companionshipAnimals, particularly dogs, are important in German culture that’s why it’s common for advertisers and brand owners to employ effective marketing strategies when promoting their products.

German communities are dog-friendly as evidenced by the latest statistical reports published by Statista. The report disclosed that from 2010 up to 2022, the pet dog population in Germany has doubled and reached a total of about 10.6 million canines living under human care.

In Germany, it’s common to see dogs accompanying their owners in hiking and cycling activities; or while strolling in public places like malls and restaurants. Oftentimes, pet parents talk to their animal companions, which is actually an effective way of nurturing the relationship between them.

Why Advertisers Harness Pet-Power Even for Non-Animal Products

Although pets are regarded as effective marketing tools to use in print and video commercials, working with animals has to stay within ethical conditions to ensure animal welfare is taken into consideration during photoshoots and filming of advertisements.

A related survey conducted by the American Marketing Association shows that featuring dogs and cats in advertisements has a positive impact on consumer buying behaviour. Pets tend to trigger feel-good emotions that make consumers more confident and optimistic when buying products for the first time.

Children growing up with dog companions are inclined to take on an active lifestyle and develop well in terms of social behavior, emotional outlook and cognitive processes of understanding things. \

Even senior citizens benefit from pet companionship as the presence of a dog conveys a sense of safety, while cats offer warmth and affection when they cuddle.

Important Aspects of Pet-Ownership in Germany

When keeping dogs as pets or companions in Germany there are certain rules and training aspects to observe and follow. Doing so helps keep the animals develop a fairly good, if not the best animal behavior. That being the case, advertising agencies in Germany take note of the need for consumers to find out the best choices available to them as pet owners.

Insurance as Requirement of Pet-Ownership License

German citizens are required to apply for a license as conditions to owning a dog as pet or companion. Part of the licensing requirement is the presentation of liability insurance coverage for their dogs. Failure to comply with licensing requirements will serve as grounds for disapproval of a dog-ownership license.

Veterinary Health Care

Veterinary health care is likewise a crucial aspect of pet ownership in Germany. Although pet care costs in Germany are quite expensive, veterinarians assure pet owners that their animals are receiving high quality vaccinations and medical care that animals normally need during their lifetime.

Pet Training Schools

training a dog to behaveTraining a dog to socialise in the community is an essential aspect of canine-ownership in Germany. Starting from their puppy stage, pet owners must introduce and encourage human interactions to help them adjust to people while growing up toward adulthood. Some owners even go to the extent of bringing their dog to obedience schools to ensure it develops into having the best canine behavior.

Importance of SEO Keyword Research in Marketing of Pet Enterprises Online

The business of offering pet products or services has grown tremendously now that the young pet owners of yester years have come of age as heads of households. Now more than ever, making one’s online pet business more visible in browser platforms is of utmost importance. While the population of pet owners continues to grow explosively, so do the number of online businesses vying to attract their attention through SEO keywords.

In 2018, the American Pet Product Association reported that nearly 85 million households in the US alone, own at least one pet; 62% of whom are millennials and Gen Zers. Additionally. technological advancements and social media have sparked greater interests in pet-ownership culture.

Aside from pet food and treats, fur parents are also paying greater attention to pet care, grooming, veterinary services, pet transport and even pet hotel accommodations. These are the kinds of pet enterprises that animal owners usually search for when needing to look for service-specific providers near them; or in places where they intend to visit or relocate with their pet.

Research Firm Offers Insights on Pet Business Keywords

Data gathered by leading research and consulting firm Kantar Public, showed that since the 1970s, the number of pet owners in the US has tripled; mainly as a result of improved financial capabilities. According to Kantar Public, it would be best for pet businesses to determine the potential target group on which to focus their SEO marketing activities and efforts.

Kantar’s data, offer insights on keywords to use to reach potential consumers of their pet products or services, Some examples include the following:

Most households that care for pets have children who need to learn about caring for others and in developing a sense of responsibility.

Pet owners belonging to the 40-49 age bracket are likely to own and care for more than one animal in their home.

While the proportion of the pet owner population is greater in rural areas than in urban locations, those living in cities and suburban areas are more likely to buy pet foods and other pet supplies from online stores. Those in rural areas find it easier to access providers of grooming and pet health care services within their community. Occasionally they conduct online search queries for special pet-related services or products.

The impact of using keywords to identify the location of one’s business, or age of target consumers should not be undermined. As a matter of fact, the first step in improving the visibility of one’s pet store by way of SEO is to perform a thorough keyword research.

Bear in mind that generally, pet owners use long-tail keywords when looking for a product or service they need for the animal in their care. Long-tail keywords are also called key phrases as they usually contain three or more words to best describe their search subject. Instead of typing in dog toys, savvy researchers are more specific; adding certain descriptions that serve as search filters: teething toys for puppies, chew toys for teething puppies, bacon-flavor bone toys, rainbow-colored ring bone toys.

To make certain that you’ll be using the best keywords as basic SEO elements of your website, use an online rank checker keywords tool.