#1 ACL Biomechanically Correct Cruciate Brace Design By A Human Surgeon

(First Anti Translational Cruciate Dynamic Brace Produced for Dogs)

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Why Choose The A-TraC Dynamic Brace?

The A-TraC Dynamic Brace (Anti-Translational brace) was designed to be used as a an alternative to surgery for conservative management of Cruciate ligament injuries in canines. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace can also be used after Cruciate surgery to help protect the repair. There was a need for a more conservative non-invasive approach to treating a cruciate ligament tear. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace is a soft brace made with Neoprene and Lycra which is durable and lightweight while still offering the support needed to stabilize the knee. We at WoundWear Inc. believe that a soft brace is more comfortable for the dog and offers

better stability and support then a hard or rigid brace. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace offers another option for those pet owners that do not want to choose surgery first for reasons such as; age, expense, prior health issues, the risk of complications and a long and restricted recovery time. Because of these surgical risks and issues we believe that surgery should be chosen as a last resort after conservative brace treatment due to the A-TraC Brace’s lack of significant complications and excellent success rates.